Bead Hop Fun Calendar

Complete the challenge for the day and get an extra 5% off your purchase

(exclusions - consignment items, class registrations, Nirvana trunk show and gift cards)

Sept 21

Peace Day

Since it is International Day of Peace  - let peace begin with us.

Wear a peace sign or just give me the sign of peace.

Sept 22

Library Card Day

September is Library Card Sign Up Month - so show me your library card.

Sept 23

Joke Day

As you can tell by my shop name I love jokes and puns.  Come in and tell me a good joke (or a groaner) - let's all laugh

Sept 25

One hit wonder day

I love music - so you get to be a one hit wonder today - come in and sing me a few lines of your favorite song

Sept 26

Queen for A day

In honor of the new design Diane Dennis is teaching at the shop this weekend - Queen Judith - wear a tiara or carry a sceptre and give me a royal wave.

Sept 27

Scarf Day

Let's get ready for the seasons to come - wear your favorite scarf to the shop today

Sept 28

Beading Tip Day

There will be a place for you to write your best beading tip - leave your email and I will send you all the tips I collect

Sept 29

Yellow day

I am not a fan of yellow - so wear yellow today and see if you can help change my attitude towards yellow.

Sept 30

Happy New Months eve

Help me celebrate New Month's Eve - wear a party hat or bring a noisemaker.

Oct 2

Poetry Day

Recite a poem - either read from a page or recite it from memory

Oct 3

Where'd You get those shades Day

Sunglasses - the goofier the better but any sunglasses will do

Oct 4

Smile Day

Probably the simplest of all challenges - just give me a heartfelt smile today which happens to be World Smile Day - then go out and smile at eveyone you see.

Oct 5

whooo's your favorite designer

Tell me your favorite designer - and what you like about their designs.

Oct 6

mad hatters day

What better way to celebrate National Mad Hatters Day than to wear a hat - big or small, bold or demure, beautiful or functional.

Oct 7

Inspiration Day

Give me your best inspirational quote or your anthem songs and let's lift everyone up

Oct 9

Ooohhh & aaahhh Day

Bring in a piece you made and let me ooohhh and aaahhh all over it

Oct 10

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

You are coming to The Christmas City when you come to my shop - so break out those ugly Christmas (or Hanukkah) sweaters and wear them to the shop.  Happy Holidays

Oct 11

Talk Like a pirate day

Even though National Talk Like a Pirate was Sept 19 (before the Bead Hop started) I just love having people talk like this - feel free to wear eye patches, pirate garb or even a parrot on your shoulder

Oct 12

Love Day

This is my shop's last day of the Bead Hop - because tomorrow i leave on a cruise to celebrate my 30th Wedding Anniversary.  So wear a heart - wish me a happy anniversary - just help spread the love.