Betty Cox

 I was a professional cellist till I was 30 yo and at that time had previously graduated with a Bachelors  in Music Performance and then  from Nursing School in Detroit!

Moved to San Diego, practiced as an RN from 87-93 and moved to Chicago and received my Masters of Science in Nursing 1997, specialty in Midwifery.

Moved back to San Diego and worked as a Certified Nurse Midwife from 97-2020!

Retired and moved back to the Midwest with hubby, David and youngest son, Joel.

I had already started beading, stringing and a close friend motivated me to do so. Went to Tucson for numerous years and local gem shows and after Creating with Polymer clay and Resin

I fell in love with Bead Embroidery! 2006 to present I create mostly with bead embroidery.

Loved all of the cabochons and other artists work that inspired me. Also mixed Media.

I have participated in the International Battle Of The Beadsmith from 2014 to this year 2021. It has opened up a world of connecting with artists outside of the USA.

Taught class in San Diego, LA, Bergamo , Italy, Columbus, Ohio . Exhibited and taught at To Bead True Blue in Tucson, Bead and Button show, The Whole Bead Show.

Published nationally and internationally.

Exhibited in the USA and Italy and exhibiting in Austria summer of 2022.

At present my 2 older children live in CA and one with David and I in Delaware, Ohio. I have 3 Labrador Retreviers.  

I’m always creating something that would also be inspiring to others, as I enjoy sharing

I encourage individuality when creating with my kits.

Class Descriptions


“Crabbie” is a pendant using a porcelain crab focal created by Michelle McCarthy.


Each pendant will have similarities but various colors schemes. Leather backing       


“Madame Butterfly” pendant is using a tooled leather butterfly created by 2 different artists, Anna Masters and Annie Margarita.


Colorful cabs, seed beads and polymer faces by LinsArt.


”Goddess”, is a bead embroidered pendant metal focal in Silver, black and lavenders. Cupchain , Druzys with lots of texture.


Backed with leather.                                                                    


“Bad Ass Kitty”, bracelet has various kitty faces with colorful moon faces, eyes and colorful  leather bracelets!


It is an assemblage kit without directions. Included is a large picture of the kitty 


 “Alien”, is a bead embroidered Mak studio alien focal as the inspiration.


Bike chain, metal pieces and lots of colorful out of this world cabochons, and beads backed with colorful leather.


Chic-Cicada is a freeform peyote and bead embroidered cicada.


Cicadas created by Raku artist, Laura Souder. 


 “Mermaid”, is a Oceanic themed porcelain focal created by artist, Sheri Mallery.

Lots of color and textures.


Some kits have other oceanic focals created by Sheri.


”Color Explosion”, is a bracelet using colorful metallic faces, and optional skulls created by Ana Bronze.


Colorful bracelet straps are paint pour and created by Ginger Shockey.


 “How Sweet It Is”, is a colorful bracelet with a Jo Anne St John hummingbird!


Surrounded by colorful cabs and floral beads.


A paint pour bracelet is chosen for each kit


“Dreams By The Seashore “ is an oceanic pendant with a porcelain artists, Michelle McCarthy oceanic cabochon.


Surrounded by seed beads and colorful sea inspired cabochons.