October 2020 Classes

Until October 8 these patterns will be free when you purchase all the beads needed for the pattern. 

You purchase the beads needed for the pattern and you get the pattern for free. 

You can stay and work on it here and get my help or you can take it with you and if you need help I will help via phone, email or zoom. 

There are no set times for any formal class - you come and go when you want during normal business hours. 

There are 27 patterns to choose from - do 1, 2 or do all 27. 


Experience ranges from beginner to advanced.

Free Patterns - only available until October 8

when you purchase all beads needed for the pattern


Snake Charmer Cuff


Difficulty: Beginner

Accentuate a peyote base on the edges and the top to make a lovely bracelet

Screenshot (29).png

Bolas Canastas

Cath Thomas

Difficulty: Intermediate

The beaded beads you can make with this method look like Mexican woven baskets, hence the name.

Screenshot (34).png

Zoe Necklace

Cora Sparidaans

Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

An elegant collar made of 2 hole beads.

Screenshot (32).png

Meandering Magatamas Bracelet


Difficulty: Beginner

Beads flow around pearls in this fun bracelet.

Screenshot (27).png

Karolina Necklace

Kerrie Slade

Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

Use seed beads & Karo beads to make star shaped components.

Screenshot (31).png

Ginko Paisley Set

Leslie Rogalski

Difficulty: Intermediate

Make one half of the necklace at a time and connect with a medallion in the center.  Make earrings to match.

Screenshot (30).png

Cool Menthol Bracelet

Helena Chmelikova

Difficulty: Intermediate

Embellish a RAW base with cool waves.

Screenshot (33).png

Kristi Necklace

Olga Haserodt

Difficulty: Intermediate

Use pip and seed beads to make a lacy collar.

Screenshot (35).png

Charade Bracelet

Debora Hodoyer

Difficulty: Intermediate

This stunning bracelet is made with a variety of 2 hole beads.


Chrysanthemum Pendant

Nela Kabelova

Difficulty: Intermediate

Simple flower shaped pendant with rivoli and ginko beads.


Anthousai Bracelet

Norma Jean Dell

Difficulty: Intermediate

Paisley Duos, crystals and 2 hole cabs work up together to make this lovely bracelet.


L'Amour Earrings

Michelle Snyder

Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate


Work demi rounds around a 2 hole cab for a bezeled look and finish with drops and teacups.


Pop of Color Necklace

Ayako Kosaka

Difficulty: Beginner

Simple steps to create stunning components.


Trilogy Bracelet

Christina Neit

Difficulty: Intermediate

Use trilogy beads to give this bracelet a little height.

Screenshot (22).png

Dagger Duo Bracelet

Lisa Jordan

Difficulty: Beginner

Fringed bracelet featuring mini daggers.

Screenshot (19).png

Gekko Boogie Earrings

Veres Zsuzsa-Vezusuzsi

Difficulty: Beginner

Playful quatrefoil earrings from ginko.

Screenshot (18).png

Rulla Waves Bracelet

Katie Dean

Difficulty: Advanced

Rulla beads are the center of the curves of this serpentine layer bracelet.

Screenshot (20).png

Palmetto Necklace

Yasminn Sarfati

Difficulty: Beginner

The 2 hole beads used in this necklace are what form the nice curve and drape.

Screenshot (21).png

Flashing Daggers Earings

Kim Van Antwerp

Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced

Beautiful dagger beads work up into outstanding earrings.

hope pendant.jpg

Hope Pendant

Silke Steuernagel

Difficulty: Beginner

Using multiple 2 and 3 hole beads create this charming star-shaped pendant that would also be beautiful as an ornament.

demi deluxe bl.jpg

Demi Deluxe Bracelet

Melinda Barta

Difficulty:  Intermediate

A dimensional bangle featuring Demi Rounds

layered flat spiral nl.jpg

Layered Spiral Necklace

Leslie Venturoso

Difficulty:  Beginner

Make it long or short, make one to go with each outfit.  Simple, quick to make, fabulous rope to add to other bead projects.

rolling rivoli e.jpg

Rolling Rivolis Earrings

Nela Kabelova

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Rivoli bezel with Rulla beads that really sparkle & shine.

lollipop bl.jpg

Lollipop Bracelet

Sabine Lippert

Difficulty:  Advanced

Learn to use Double CRAW and CRAW to make this fun bracelet.

blooming vine nl.jpg

Blooming Vine Necklace

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Long Magatamas cluster together to make a lush pendant that hangs from a delicate vine.

patchwork bl.jpg

Patchwork Bracelet

Kelly Dale

Difficulty:  Beginner

Embellish a base of RAW to achieve a playfully patterned band of Demi Rounds, seed beads and glass rounds.

rulla arc e.jpg

Rulla RAW Arcs Earrings

Nela Kabelova

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Funky fun curved multi-dimensional earrings .

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