March Beading Contest

March brings leprechauns and their pots of gold.  And where is a pot of gold found - at the end of a rainbow.  So for this month we are looking for pieces done in rainbow colors.  You can use someone else's pattern but not their colors and you should try to change it up just a little or you can make something out of your head.
If you use someone else's design you must give credit - designer name, where pattern is available.

Rules: (cuz there has to be some)
1.  Only one entry per person
2.  Entry must be received no later than March 15, 2020.
3.  Entry can be submitted in person at the shop or by photograph to
4.  You must use some beads purchased in the shop and proof must be supplied (take a pic of the receipt or of the bags with my label on it)

How it works
You make something and submit the piece
I create a place for people to vote for their favorites in a 1 week time span
I tally the votes and announce the winner
From the remaining entries Mark and I choose our favorite
The people's choice winner gets a $25 gift card to the shop and the second winner gets a $15 gift card.

Challenge yourself - especially if using multiple colors is not comfortable for you.

February Contest Winners


February People's Choice Winner Necklace Design - Andrea Mazzenga

Beaded by Jeanne Devin

jackie (2).jpg

February Runner Up Winner

Necklace Design - Helena Tang Lim

Beaded by Jackie Shoup

January Contest Winners

Black Necklace

January People's Choice Winner Necklace Design - Diane Dennis

Beaded by Jackie Shoup

Blue Necklace

January Runner Up Winner

Necklace Design - Barb Talijan

Beaded by Eleanor Laubner

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