Saturday September 28

12-6 PM

Queen Judith Necklace Class

Instructor:  Diane Dennis

Skill level: Intermediate

Cost $100 + materials

Materials are not included in class price


The story of Queen Judith is as follows. Judith is a character from the TV series the Vikings. Judith is quite a character. She starts off a rather meek and mild wife of the prince. When her husband the prince goes off to war, she has an affair with a monk that the Vikings had captured, she has a child by the monk Alhelstan. When her father-in-law King Ecbert cuts off Judith’s right ear (as punishment for her indiscretion) Then Judith and the King have a affair! When King Ecbert dies, her husband becomes King. His reign is quite short as he mysteriously dies, then Judith’s son becomes King, the son by Alhelstan. He mysteriously dies, and his brother, the true king in the line of succession becomes King. And guess what, he also dies a questionable death. And now we have Queen Judith!


This necklace is designed after a piece that Judith wears on the Vikings. I just love this necklace, it is hinged and fits well, and if you don’t want the 5 focal pieces you can make an edited version with component.


You must be proficient in circular peyote stitch, stepping up and herringbone increases.

Diane Dennis Queen Judith Necklace Class - Sept 28