Classes are back at Owl Be Beading. 


Thursday August 6

12-2 PM

Triple Rhythm Bracelet Class

Instructor: Barbara Talijan

Skill level: Intermediate

Technique: Embellished netting using 3 hole beads

Materials are not included in class price


This is actually a 3 in one class. Use 2 hole instead of 3-hole beads, do just the base and you have a lovely flat bracelet. If you want to add dimension to the piece work with either the Emma's or the Trinity beads. Each type of 3-hole bead gets a different embellishment on top. All are fun to make,


6 people will be allowed in the shop and another 8 can join on Zoom.  We have individual tables set up for the people in the shop that are at least 6 feet apart.  You must wear a mask and there is no food or drink allowed.


Materials can be found in the shop or I can do virtual bead shopping and curbside pickup or shipping ($5) with you to pick your supplies that you need.

Triple Rhythm Bracelet Class 8/6 12-2 PM

Attendance Option

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