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Eurosoft Pc-Check [March-2022]




"Computer maintenance has never been easier! Pc-Check® now provides easy, on-line PC repair services to your system" . You are PC building your own without Pc-Check®! Pc-Check® will run on Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2003/7/Vista/Windows 7. Pc-Check® It runs directly from a USB stick Eurosoft Pc-Check A USB-flash drive or other removable media with an OS on it, such as a DVD, allows you to easily and. Pc-Check® Features * Run from USB stick or DVD or Win7-8-10 image files * You can switch easily from tool to tool * Continue from where you left off if a test fails * NO FINGERPRINT HARDWARE COMPATIBILITY! * Runs directly from USB stick, DVD or Win7-8-10 image files * Easy setup (no technical requirements) * Includes comprehensive hardware diagnostics (DRAM, DVD, RAM, Audio, Disk Drives, USB, Webcams, Network, LCD Monitor, USB Power, CD-ROM, etc...) * Repairs PCs with Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2003/7/Vista/Windows 7 * Supports Windows Memory Diagnostics * Flexible, interactive testing of peripherals (DVD, CD, Optical drives, Sound card, etc...) * Flexible, interactive testing of RAM * Click on test tool to run * Continue from where you left off if a test fails * Change test order, interval, duration, and retry * Free quick tests, valid for 60 days, optional time-limited test or change test order * Optional diagnostic restore * Additional User's Guide * Test import/export of results in HTML and XML * Configuration (OS, ROM) of affected systems and optional saving of setups as image files * Comprehensive error reporting * Extended tools to test additional parts of a system * Choice between English or German language * Free updates of PC-Check® diagnostic software (diagnostic test modules and user guides) * Demo version available * Live support for Pc-Check® Diagnostic Software and Hardware Diagnostic Tools * IT-Server friendly, i.e. Pc-Check® can run unattended * Two versions available; one free for quick tests with




Eurosoft Pc-Check [March-2022]

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