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My husband, my family, my animals, my friends and beads - that's my life.


I've been beading over 30 years, selling my work for the last 20 years and designing and selling my patterns for the last 18 through my other business The Ornamental Lady.

I decided that it was time to do something less taxing on my body than setting up and taking down my display at craft shows.  I have always wanted a store of some kind.  My main reason for opening the store is to teach people this wonderful art form which will keep beading alive.

Being able to share this art form with others and teach it to young and old alike keeps me passionate about the opportunities that are to come.

Mission Statement - to creatively use the gifts that God has given me to bring a smile to someone's face.  To provide a place for people to learn new techniques, purchase supplies and meet up with other people with the same interest while supplying guidance in each of these aspects.  To teach the techniques I have mastered to others to help them creatively enjoy life.  To spark creativity in the people I meet.

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