Bead A Long - The Gnomes


Bead A Long Starts Sunday January 15

Sir Nisse Hugstersen and Tomte Smoocherson by Theodora Seimina

She has given us permission to do a bead along with her adorable gnome patterns.

There are 2 separate patterns for the 2 gnomes.  You can choose to do one or the other or do both.  I have separated the bead along by gnome.  The first 2 will be the smaller one and the last 2 will be the bigger one.

Due to previous commitments - the last Sunday of the month is not going to work.  Here are the dates of the bead a long - they are all Sundays.

January 15 - Sir Nisse Hugsteren - hat

February 5 - Sir Nisse Hugsteren - body

March 26 - Tomte Smoocherson - hat

April 23 - Tomte Smoocherson - body

I DO NOT SELL THE PATTERN.  Please purchase the pattern from Theodora's website (click here).  You can also purchase from her Etsy shop by clicking here.  Please leave a note when purchasing, telling her that you getting this for the Bead A Long through Owl Be Beading.

You can purchase a kit from her if you want, choose your own materials or wait and see what kits we come up with here at Owl Be Beading.  We are gathering materials to pack them up and put them out for sale.  I cannot tell you at this time if my kits will be less, more or the same price as Theodora's

If you are interested in participating in the next bead a long please fill out the form below.

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This is not a class - we are helping each other out and giving each other moral support as we tackle these oh so cute projects.​

There is no fee for joining us.​

There is no one teaching how to do this - we are all learning together from each other.

You must purchase the pattern from Theodora Seimina - you can click here to go to her website.​
People will be in my shop and others will be joining via Zoom.

This will be the Sundays listed above for as long as we need it, starting with January 15, 2023 - you have plenty of time in between sessions to get work done on the piece if you want.

​I will be on Zoom and in the shop for each session and they will run from 1 - 5 on the Sunday's listed above for as long as we need.

You do not need to be present for each session - come when you want - stay as long as you want.​