Getting Started

After many years of setting up and taking down my display and my work at craft shows, I finally decided enough already. It's a hard life - hard on you physically I mean. I love doing the craft shows and interacting with the people. In the last few years I have stopped doing one day shows and concentrated on longer shows, so the setups were not as many.

I am changing gears and going from a pure creator to a supplier and creator. Yes I will still make my beaded pieces and do a couple of local craft shows but I want to pass on all that I have learned to others (especially the next generation) and get people started with the right tools.

I am starting a new business venture - and how do you do that ... wellllll.......

I of course started with the important stuff - the name and the logo. I guess that's not exactly true - I started by deciding I wanted to open a bead store. Now financially a brick and mortar are currently out of the question but online can be a great place to start and build the finances and inventory I need. So back to the name - I wanted something that represented me and was punny.