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Pendant Making

I have a love/hate relationship with pendants.

There are so many beautiful pendants out there and they work up so quickly that I just love them. But they are just pendants which mean you have to come up with a way for them to hang on your neck. Now I have never liked a beautifully built pendant just hanging from a chain. Just a personal preference. So for me to finish off a pendant I have to create a beaded neck chain for them to look right to me.

So that is why I currently have about 12 pendants that I made last year when Seed Beads & More had all those gorgeous patterns for free and none of them have a way to be worn. I consider these UFO's (UnFinished Objects) just because I haven't had time to come up with neck chains for them. This would be the hate part of the love/hate.

Today's piece is the Lagoon Pendant from Carolyn Cave. This starts with a piece of CRAW (Cubic Right Angle Weave) but the pattern assumes you know how to do this stitch and does not give instructions on how to do it. You then attach the new fixer beads in a clever way to this piece of CRAW and lastly there is a simple but lovely accent around the edge to make this a very elegant piece. On mine I used a wonderful purple Swarovski rivoli.

CRAW - another thing I have a love/hate relationship with. I love doing the stitch and I love what you can do with the stitch. I hate all the thread you can see - now to be fair you really can only see them if you hold the piece up close to your eyes - and let's be honest - if someone is looking at it that close they need to back off.

I decided for the chain to do some RAW (right angle weave) with an accent similar to that of the pendant edging. I would have put a clasp on but, the clasp I wanted was at the shop and I was at home - so that will happen tomorrow.

I also have to work on my photography skills - not one of my strong points.

So this will become another kit that will be available soon at the shop.


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