Meeting Goals

So as you can see, writing a blog every day is not going to work for me. First of all - I don't have that much to say. Second of all - time is so limited and adding a new everyday thing to my schedule is not going to work. So that means it is time to revise the blog goal. That's the nice thing about goals is they can be revised. Promises, resolutions, plans - they get broken and then we tend to toss them to the side because broken means unfixable to so many.

A goal can be looked at so it can be tweaked to fit what actually works. I tend to have rather grandiose ideas of what I can accomplish in one day (usually I believe I can do about a week's worth of stuff in a day) - so adjusting a goal to fit reality is something I need to do quite often.

So my new goal is to post to this blog once a week - at least.

My other goal of beading everyday is going strong - I have only missed one day since the beginning of the year.

I have determined the best way to make the new star - after 3 or 4 attempts and I am working on getting that finished - oh and I decided to change the colors - mainly because I didn't have enough of the one color I originally posted.

Meanwhile I am still working on patterns from my distributors. Here are a few more pieces I have made: