Mystery Piece Right Now

Last night I didn't finish beading until about 2 AM and at that point I was too tired to write something witty, pretty and wise, so I decided to wait until today to post something.

I am working on the design for the January 3D Puffy Star. If you are not sure what I'm talking about let me explain. Each month I release a pattern for a new Star. These stars are made by creating 5-6 warped squares and then piecing them together to form a 5 or 6 point star. They are usually stuffed to keep their shape.

To stuff mine I usually use clean plastic bags from the shops I go to. I'm told they take forever to breakdown, so instead of putting them in a landfill - I put them in something beautiful. Here are a few puffy stars from last year:

In the sunflower picture you can see a warped square and here's a view of a 2 warped squares once connected to form a point with a different picture on each side: