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New Year - new stuff to make

I started working on samples of some of the patterns from my distributors. These are patterns that I am going to make kits for in the shop and if people buy the premade kits or they buy the beads for the pattern then I give them pattern for free. They can even stay in the shop and work on it if they need help. This is what I am doing currently because people are not supposed to congregate just yet.

I was making 3 samples - I ran out of the beads to complete 2 of them and I ran out of time for the third, so I decided that since we were watching movies for New Year's Eve that I could finish all of them before the ball dropped. Well I guess 2020 decided it wanted to have fun with me just one more time.

I grabbed the board with the beads on it for the one that I ran out of time, and then I grabbed the extra beads that I had taken from the store to finish the other two. I knew I could do everything except the findings.

Well - I was working on the one that I needed more time to finish and guess what - for some reason one of the tubes of beads wasn't on the board and on the last medallion I needed 2 of those beads to finish it - arrrrhgggghhhh.

So I decided to move on to one of the other projects. I had grabbed 2 bags of rullas from the shop to finish it but once I put the other project away I couldn't find those beads anywhere - and I looked a lot. So I finally gave up and went on to the last project. I made the second earring and liked the way that one came out better than the first one so then I took apart the first and remade it. A few minutes later the ball dropped and 2021 came in.

I packed up to go upstairs and to what did my wondering eyes did appear but the 2 bags of beads I couldn't find earlier. They had fallen under the sofa.

So now it's January 1 and I decided that I would actually finish these 3 pieces - and yes if you look - all 3 have their findings attached so they are completely done.

The first is a pair of earrings by Erika Sandor called Throwing Stars. I had trouble with the cymbal components on the edges - they are called Kleftikos - staying upright. I redid the earrings using 15/0's instead of Delicas with the Kleftikos and they work much better.

This is also the first time I added chain to a piece - I guess I need more practice. It took forever to get those dangles done. The Cymbal components are nice sturdy pieces and are fun to work with - they add some unique texture to the piece.

Next I finished the Lenora Bracelet by Lisa Jordon. So cool to work with 4 hole beads - QuadraTiles. The only thing is that you really need to pay attention to what hole you are working with. I had to redo the second medallion I made because I somehow turned it around and the bottom became the top. This was a wonderful piece to make and the instructions were so easy to follow. The only problem I found was that the materials list calls for 18 - 3mm crystals and you really need 20. If I make this again - I might try 4mm instead of 3mm in the center of the medallions.

The last piece I finished up was the Zigzag Rulla Cuff by Leslie Rogalski. I did not use the clasp that she has you make on the bracelet - just a personal preference. I used loops with jump rings and toggle clasps. One thing I started doing years ago on wider bracelets where I am using more than one clasp is to put the opposite ends of the clasp on each side of the bracelet. I put a toggle circle and toggle bar on each end of the bracelet. I have found that this helps the bracelet to lay flatter.

I have seen this style of bracelet made with Superduos, Quarter Tilas and other 2 hole beads. This works up rather quickly and you can make it wider or skinnier. The only complaint I have with the pattern is that for some reason this distributor is putting the diagrams all on one page and not on the page with the instructions. The constant flipping back and forth or swiping back or forth is a real pain.

So day one of the new year and I've made stuff. My goal for the year is to make something as many days as I can - shooting for all days but realizing that probably won't happen - and to share my beading with any one who wants to read about it.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE and happy beading.


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