New Year - new stuff to make

I started working on samples of some of the patterns from my distributors. These are patterns that I am going to make kits for in the shop and if people buy the premade kits or they buy the beads for the pattern then I give them pattern for free. They can even stay in the shop and work on it if they need help. This is what I am doing currently because people are not supposed to congregate just yet.

I was making 3 samples - I ran out of the beads to complete 2 of them and I ran out of time for the third, so I decided that since we were watching movies for New Year's Eve that I could finish all of them before the ball dropped. Well I guess 2020 decided it wanted to have fun with me just one more time.

I grabbed the board with the beads on it for the one that I ran out of time, and then I grabbed the extra beads that I had taken from the store to finish the other two. I knew I could do everything except the findings.

Well - I was working on the one that I needed more time to finish and guess what - for some reason one of the tubes of beads wasn't on the board and on the last medallion I needed 2 of those beads to finish it - arrrrhgggghhhh.

So I decided to move on to one of the other projects. I had grabbed 2 bags of rullas from the shop to finish it but once I put the other project away I couldn't find those beads anywhere - and I looked a lot. So I finally gave up and went on to the last project. I made the second earring and liked the way that one came out better than the first one so then I took apart the first and remade it. A few minutes later the ball dropped and 2021 came in.