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3 Years - whew

3 years ago today I opened Owl Be Beading.

This was against all the people asking why I was opening a bead shop when most bead shops were closing.

But it was my dream - always wanted to own my own shop and after beading for 30 years it just made sense.

I remember that first day - one person came in and I sold a whopping $30 and immediately thought why did I open a bead shop when the others are all closing. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!!!

Well as the days passed, more and more people came in and before I knew it I had made rent and utilities and a little bit more. Since then I have tried some things that have failed and I have done things that worked. I just keep plugging away.

I managed to make it through the governor shutting my business for a couple of months and then I dealt with people not feeling safe in public - and rightly so they were. I started virtual shopping and shopping by appointment. Even though I did not have an online shop - something I am trying to get going - I still sold online to those people who knew what they wanted, I kept up my Wednesday night bead group by doing it via Zoom and have added people to my Night Owl Beaders from far and wide.

On top of all that - as we were starting to see light at the end of the tunnel with the pandemic - I had a personal health issue that kept me out of the shop for a couple of months. But I'm still here and still going strong.

In the middle of the pandemic, my landlord asked me if I wanted to move to the bigger front part of the building I was currently in. This meant more street exposure, more room for inventory but also more bills - basically double the rent, utilities plus lawn care and snow removal. Hard decision to make when your store is just reopening after a shutdown and you are not quite sure what lies ahead with your customers. But I said yes.

Luckily it all worked out and last month and this month I was finally able to add in person classes again as well as on Zoom. Life is good.

I would not be here without all the wonderful people who come to my shop and support me.

So while it is my 3 year anniversary in the shop - this anniversary really belongs to everyone who helped me make it to 3 years. You guys rock - love to you all.


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